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Top Places to See in London

One of the most dynamic and vibrant cities of the world, London is full of attractions that leave visitors spoilt for choice during their visits.

Following are some of the worth mentioning attractions that are difficult to be missed during a London holiday.

The British Museum:

With over 13 million artefacts on display from across the world, the British Museum is the first national museum opened for public viewing. Some of its well known antiques include Elgin Marbles, Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian Mummies and Mildenhall Treasure.

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament:

Westminster’s icon, the Big Ben is a 97 meter tower that houses giant clock and its oscillating bell. The sound of the bell is recognised across the world as time signal of BBC radio. The Houses of Parliament denote the seat of Britain’s government that were formerly the sites of Royal Westminster Palace.

Churchill’s War Rooms:

One of the five branches of Imperial War Museum, the Churchill’s War rooms are sites from which military campaigns were headed by Winston Churchill during the World War II. Among the preserved areas include the improvised radio studio which was the used for the broadcast of his wartime speeches.

Hampton Palace:

The Hampton Palace lies in the Royal Borough of Richmond and is one of Europe’s well known palaces. Its gardens, the Privy Garden, the Pond Garden, the Elizabethan Knot Garden are in full bloom during the month of May. The palace is also known for celebrated maze, astronomical clock in Clock Court and the State Apartments.

Kew Gardens:

Spread across an area of 130 hectares, Kew Garden is officially known as the Royal Botanic Garden that has world’s largest collection of living plants. Situated in the borough of Richmond, it has made significant contribution to the study of plant diversity and economic botany.

St. Paul’s Cathedral:

Seat of the Bishop of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral is located on the Ludgate Hill, which is also the highest point in the city of London. Its architecture is characterised by rounded domes and arches, cross floor plan and clean straight lines. One of the well known features of this cathedral is 120 feet wide dome made of curved steel beams. The dome is regarded as the second largest after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome includes three galleries the internal Whispering Gallery, external Stone Gallery and external Golden Gallery.

Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace is official residence and administrative headquarters of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. It is the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality. The palace is open for public viewing every year in the summer months. Visitors are permitted to visit its state rooms, Queen’s Gallery and Royal Mews.

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