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London Street Art Tours

If you ever thought that London was all about museums and monuments, you are probably yet to explore the wonderful display of art along the streets of East London. Local and international artists display their creative work through interesting ways such as miniature bronze statues, murals on high storeyed buildings and so on. Several companies in London offer street art tours by working along with street artists and curating special exhibitions. For lovers of art and for all those who wish to enjoy a creative display of colours in a new form, street art tours in London are a must.

The Shoreditch Street Art

The most popular place in London for street art is Shoreditch, a city district at the east end of the city. Bike tours are organised across this creative hub on a daily basis. Tourists can enjoy watching and learning about various techniques of art displayed creatively all along the roads. Some tours also permit art enthusiasts to try their hand at spray painting their own graffiti designs. Workshops that discuss these techniques and offer a fair amount of knowledge about art and its various manifestations are conducted on Sundays at Shoreditch.


The best part about the walking tours along London’s east end is that they are guided and free. Tourists get to determine their worth at the end of two long hours. Tourists are recommended to join one of these group tours to best appreciate art and to learn the outrageous stories behind them. While the streets are adorned by murals that stretch across an entire building, there are smaller expressions of intricate artwork that needs to be pointed out by a familiar person. These tours usually start at Aldgate East Tube station and extend up to the far end of Shoreditch High street station. The time involved is usually 2 to 3 hours depending upon the interest levels of the particular tourist.

Tips to best enjoy the street art of London

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