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Stonehenge in The United Kingdom

Stonehenge is the UK’s most popular enigma yet it stands as a national icon symbolising power, fortitude and mystery. Located in Wiltshire near Amesbury, this prehistoric monument is estimated to be about 5000 years old. For over a period of 1000, the Britons have subjected the monument to various structural modifications. Stonehenge coupled with the city of Bath is one of the most popular day trips from London. The distance between Central London and Stonehenge is about 90 miles, travel coaches take about 2 hours to cover the distance. The private Stonehenge tours allow Visitors to enter the inner circle of the Stonehenge.


Stonehenge we see today is the ruins of what was once a burial ground. The reason why this monument was built is still unknown. This World Heritage Site is believed to have served as a burial ground in the past where more than 200 people were buried during the Neolithic period. Archaeologists have studied this place with keen interest for many decades. In the recent years, research has revealed that Stonehenge was initially a place of sun worship and is linked to the prehistoric sacred solar dogmas. Another interesting theory about Stonehenge is the bluestones found in the landscape were brought by glaciers during the last ice age. Earlier these stones were believed to have been brought from Wales by its builders. These ongoing theories about Stonehenge make it a monument of evolving history and they transform our understanding of its origin and existence.


The engineering behind the construction of Stonehenge is a major highlight. It is believed to have demanded persistent manual work with great determination. The remains found today are due to the serious damage caused to the smaller bluestones and the larger sarsen stones which form the outer ring of the monument. The sarsen stones weigh about 50 tons each and are adorned with carvings of swords and daggers. Though a tentative construction framework has been designed by researchers, the laborious task of bringing together these huge stones and shaping them into a monument symbolises the unity in the past.

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