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Activities for Non English Speaking Tourists in London

London is one of those exciting cities that attract tourists from different parts of the world. It is the capital city of England and an English speaking country with all activities based on the same language. From stalls selling street food to announcements from Buckingham Palace is all in English. However to cater to the fun and enjoyment of non English speaking tourists there are some activities that London offers very magnanimously.

London Day Trips

Almost all tourist operators in London offer a multi lingual commentary service for their one day trips in and out of London. Some of the famous one day trips in London include, The City tour, Stonehenge, Bath, Warwick Castle, Stratford and the Cotsworld. This commentary helps tourists from all lingual backgrounds to enjoy the tour and most importantly understand the history behind these iconic places in London.

Walking Tours in London

Similar to the one day trips, people of the same linguistic backgrounds are grouped together along with a guide who speaks their language. This service can be availed only with prior notice to your tourist operator. The guide will take you around important places of the city and will explain the history of these monuments in great detail. Tourists can also bring up any number of questions they wish to with the tourist guide. This service is more helpful than the recorded commentary service as it helps you directly interact with your guide and also get some useful tips about the new city. History of England is one of the oldest and interesting ones in the world. This service helps you learn about one of the greatest civilisations in the world.

Food and Entertainment

Taste buds always speak the universal language of good food. Enjoy the best of different cuisines and the most mind blowing range of wine and spirits in the city. Apart from the traditional English menu, London has different areas specialising in different kinds of cuisines. Tourists are believed to enjoy Lebanese food most at joints near Victoria station. While English plays and comedy shows may not amuse non English speaking tourists, dance shows, festive markets, sports events and concerts can be a good source of entertainment to all.

London Airport Transfers
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