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Taxi from Victoria Station to St Pancras

Located right in the heart of the English capital is Victoria station. It is the second busiest station in London and is a major hub for tourists travelling in and out of Central London. It is surrounded by some important tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palaces, Houses of Parliament and Tate Britain. Another major attraction near Victoria station is shopping in Kings Road and Sloane Square.

St Pancras in Central London is the city’s only high speed station and is well known for its contemporary safety measures and beautiful Victorian architecture. Passengers travelling to Brussels and Paris flock to the station to avail the Eurostar services every day. The most popular attraction near St Pancras is the British Library.

To travel from Victoria station to St Pancras, passengers can choose from a wide variety of options. Buses, tube and taxis connect the two places at frequent intervals. However taxis are the most recommended by tourists in the country. Contrary to buses that take almost 30 minutes, travelling from Victoria station to St Pancras by taxi takes less than 15 minutes. The tube may seem like the easiest choice but for passengers with heavy luggage it proves to be insufficient. Though tube services are cheaper they get very crowded during peak hours and make travelling a tiresome task. Passengers with young children and disabled co travellers are recommended to opt for taxis always.

While booking a minicab from Victoria station to St Pancras, travellers can also choose to stop at intermediary points between the two spots. Minicabs offer a great level of comfort and Taxi fare from Victoria station to St Pancras may cost you less than £25.00 GBP and further discounts can be availed by booking return services or by using credit cards for advance payment. Taxi drivers ensure 100% passenger safety and are always prompt. This long list of benefits offered by taxis make it the wise choice for tourists in London.

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