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How to Get from Heathrow to Hotel 41

Hotel 41 also called as No. 41: A Red Carnation Hotel is located minutes away from the Buckingham Palace in London. The hotel is reviewed to be one of the best in the city. The hotel building was once the grand ballroom of the Rubens. With grand interiors, warm ambience and an extraordinary hospitality, it is the best choice for people seeking high class luxury.

Many passengers arriving at Heathrow wish to travel to Hotel 41 for a pleasant stay. The distance between the two places is about 15 miles and passengers can use trains, buses or minicabs to travel from any terminal of Heathrow to hotel 41.

However, minicabs are regarded as the best option for more than one reason to cover the distance between them. To start with minicabs are comfortable, stylish and 100% safe. If you are landing at Heathrow during odd hours of the day, be proactive enough to book your taxi from Heathrow to Hotel 41 in advance. Minicabs are available 24/7 and are safe throughout the day. Bad weather, busy hours of the day or tube strikes do not interrupt the services of minicabs.

Hotel 41 in London is one of the most sophisticated hotels and arriving at this hotel in a luxurious minicab is classy and will put you high on the style radar. London is filled with beautiful buildings and some of the world renowned monuments. Jump into one of these minicabs and enjoy picturesque views of the city as you drive to the hotel. It is also the only option that offers door to door service and is highly recommended if you are travelling with young children, disabled passengers or with heavy luggage.

Heathrow to Hotel 41 by minicabs offers another important advantage which is free flight monitoring. Minicab service providers ensure your pickup and drop off are scheduled perfectly by monitoring your flight timings regularly. This prevents wastage of time and protects you from being stranded at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Thus minicabs offer unmatched benefits for all passengers travelling from Heathrow into the city centre.

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