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Taxi from Gatwick to Southampton

Gatwick (LGW) in London needs no introduction. It is the country’s second largest and busiest international airport and serves millions of passengers every year. It is located 30 miles away from the heart of the city and it is connected to various parts of London through trains, buses, tube and taxis. There are 2 terminals North and South and both the terminals are absolutely easy to use and offer great services.

Located 75 miles away from London is the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton. The place is home several cultural spots such as museums, art galleries, shopping areas and authentic food outlets. Thousands of tourists visit Southampton every year to enjoy its serene beauty. At about 94 miles north of Southampton is Gatwick international airport. Trains, buses, coaches and private hire minicabs run between the two places regularly.

Public transport modes connecting London Gatwick to Southampton are not direct services and very limited in number. Therefore most passengers prefer hiring a taxi from any terminal of LGW to Southampton. Passengers can book a minicab from Gatwick to Southampton using the online portal and benefit from additional discounts while using their debit or credit card. Minicabs offer free flight monitoring service, 30 minutes of free waiting time, nominal charge that is inclusive of airport parking thus making them the best among all other popular transfers.

Taxi from Gatwick to Southampton is the best way to relax after a long haul flight. Travellers can throw their luggage back and enjoy the scenic beauty of the country as they drive to the beautiful city of Southampton. Taxis offer an extraordinary sense of luxury that sets the tone of your holiday in the capital city. Taxi drivers treat passengers with great warmth and ensure they are completely comfortable and safe. They are trained to manage all traffic situations and are always proactive. Most drivers are locals and therefore passengers are recommended to have a quick chat on useful travel tips while driving from Gatwick to Southampton.

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