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Salisbury to Stonehenge

Travelling in London is made easy by minicabs. Minicabs are reliable, comfortable and 100% safe. There are many reasons to justify why minicabs are the best choice to travel from Stonehenge to Salisbury. Before we get deeper into these reasons, let us learn a few facts about Stonehenge and what makes it so unique.

Stonehenge - History and Tourism

Stonehenge can be considered as the most magnificent iconic representation of England. Though the real purpose behind the construction of Stonehenge is unclear, the giant stones still stand as a symbol of power and endurance. The place has more than thousand visitors every year and never fails to astonish them. The essence of the remains lies in the portrayal of mammoth human effort and mystery that lets visitors fire their imagination. The site is open to public viewing and there is also a commercial space around it. There are gift shops, eateries and parking lots close by and this encourages more and more visitors to comfortably spend their time around. The closest railway station to Stonehenge is the Salisbury Rail Station.

Why Minicabs are Recommended to Travel from Salisbury to Stonehenge?

The only mode of public transport from Salisbury to Stonehenge is the tour bus that operates at regular intervals. This service may turn out to be uncomfortable during bad weather and it does not stop anywhere in between in case if tourists wish to take pictures. The other choice that passengers are left with is to hire a minicab. On weighing these two options fairly, the clear winner is the minicab. Taxi from Salisbury to Stonehenge comes with the great opportunity to enjoy the best views of the country and the freedom to look around at your own leisure. Irrespective of the weather and time, these minicabs can be booked with ease. They are 100% safe and most suited when you are travelling with family. Drivers of minicabs are mostly locals and they trained to take care of guest with utmost care and warmth. Bombard them with questions about this mysterious site and they would only be happy to help you.

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