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Best Things to do in London with Your Family

The ancient British capital is a right mix of historic past and vibrant present. Besides being home to numerous attractions that denote ground breaking architecture, it is also known for diversity in population, cuisine, shops and art. It draws multitude of visitors throughout the year that includes delegates on business visit or families on leisure visits.

Family friendly leisure trips into this busy metropolis are usually during the summer months. The list of things to be done in this city is suitable for every member of the family.

A visit to the neighbourhood of Central London is one of the must do things for every family visit. Most of the tourist attractions are centred in and around this area or are within an easy walking distance. Some of the remarkable ones include the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London along with few renowned museums and parks.

A giant ferris wheel in Central London, the London Eye is one of the fascinating attractions for kids. Bird’s eye view of the city through one of its capsules is equally appealing for adults alike. However it is often wise to cover it as the first thing in the morning for clearer views and avoiding long ticket queues. Another family friendly attraction, appealing to adults alike is the Tower of London. It is a fortress that houses suits of royal armour and crown jewels. Fascinating tales are narrated by Beef eaters of this tower that may kindle the interests of older kids. Westminster Abbey is a promising spot to be visited with kids. Scavenger hunts for kids are conducted by the Abbey staffs that allow kids and elders to browse through tombs and memorials in each area. Completion of which earns treat for kids from the gift shop and glimpses of the British history.

London is also known for its art galleries and museums. Showcasing rich and varied pieces, the Tate galleries, The Royal Academy, The National Gallery and The National Portrait gallery have family friendly exhibits scheduled in summer months.

Visitors to the capital between the months from April to May also get a chance to witness the changing of guard ceremony at the Buckingham Palace. It is a colourful demonstration denoting exchange of duty between old and new guards and is held every alternate day at 11:30.

Shopping destinations are also plenty in London, ranging from department stores to designer boutiques and street markets. Covent Garden market is a kid friendly area with open air stalls, indoor shops and boutiques.

All these factors largely make the English capital an amazing place to live and favourite among all categories of tourists.

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