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Top Culinary Schools in London

Food and wine are an important part of the English culture. The broad range of restaurants in London and its inclination towards embracing different cuisines are well known. A lesser known fact about the city is that it offers some great options for learning the art of cooking. Described below are the top culinary schools in London that can help you master this privileged art.

Waitrose Cookery School

Waitrose Cookery School is located on Finchley Road and comprises of a cooking class, theatre, dining area and kitchen. The place offers exclusive classes in Thai, Japanese and Italian cuisines. Special sessions on cutlery skills and wine matching are also conducted. It is an easy game with ingredients and equipments available at its parent company John Lewis.

School Of Wok

The ideal place to learn the art of cooking in London is the School of Wok. Asian cuisine has a great flavor profile and is a favorite among the Western nations. At School of Wok, one gets to master different types of cuisines from across Asia. From Japanese sushi to the Indian curry, School of Wok is a great place to hone your culinary skills.

West London Wine School

West London Wine School brings the best of wine making techniques in the most comprehensive manner to its students. Striking a great balance between professionalism and fun, the place is one the favorites for wine lovers. West London Wine School offers wine tastings as well as wine courses for Londoners with less or no prior experience. If you wish to learn the art of wine making in a relaxed setting, this is the place to be.

Food At 52

What part of the culinary spectrum fascinates you the most? Is it the thrill of trying different cuisines or baking your own goodies for all occasions? For all this and more, there is the Food at 52 cookery school which is one of the best in the country. Passionate chefs with ample knowledge about international cuisines teach you how cooking can be made fun and professional at the same time.

Bake with Maria

The world of baking has its own style and charm. Here at Bake with Maria, experts help unveil this charm through innovative ways. From pastries to cookies, learn to bake all that you want at this culinary school. Bake with Maria is located in Loudoun Road and is headed by the most experienced chefs in the city.

East London Wine School

East London Wine School is the perfect blend of astounding wine, interesting information and amazing fun. If you are looking for wine courses that are structured in an informal setting yet deliver an upscale wine making training then East London Wine School must be your choice invariably.

Bread Angels

A person who believes in the dream of baking and wishes to share that dream is called a "Bread Angel". Bread Angels is a large growing community of compassionate, like-minded people who wish to start their own home bakery business. When you emerge successful in your little business you can also choose to work as a trainer with Bread Angels, it also supports passionate individuals change their world through baking.

Hashi Cooking

Quite obviously Hashi Cooking is all about learning the subtle yet appealing flavors of Japan. The Japanese indulge in a lot of technique and craft their food with great finesse. At Hashi Cooking one can learn everything about Japanese cooking. Japanese cooking is associated with a certain level of difficult and apprehension, where Hashi Cooking make Japanese culinary skills appear easy and the real flavors of Japan are well accentuated.

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