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Best London Travel Apps

The cool breeze of London welcomes you!

Completing security checks, collecting your baggage can be time consuming but finally you will make your way outside the airport terminal, what a relief. London may be new to you but no doubt you would know something about London or have read about it in books and newspapers.

It is always a great feeling when you land in a new city for the first time. We wanted to let you know we are here to help you find your way and make your stay in London memorable.

In this day and age everybody has a Smartphone, generally in their hand fully connected to what’s happening in the world.

Let’s take a peek at some applications that should help during your trip to London.


It is an app, which helps you to travel in the city for a particular location. This app gives you an estimate of the travel option you choose, that is, by train, tube or a private hire. A particular highlight about this app is that it shows you the directions which are rain safe. As a newcomer, you might not be aware of the climatic changes happening around the city. When a downpour starts suddenly, your trip will be abandoned for the day. So, it is wise to use this app for route suggestions. It is easy to use the app with highly detailed journey planning techniques installed. An app that you could rely on, as it shows the alternate route, even when there is a potential hindrance to your traditional route.

URL: https://citymapper.com/london


To know what’s exactly happening around you, install this app to know the nearest clubs, musicals or museums. It has a filter option, where you can make changes regarding prices, event type, and map function to locate it. You can also book discounted tickets and enjoy the party. Plan your calendar with this app and you will not consider yourself lost or worry later by spending an empty evening when you don’t know where to go. Tickets get downloaded into your mobile, and you don’t have to have it hardcopy.

URL: https://yplanapp.com

London’s Best Coffee:

As your touring all day long, you might need some refreshment to sit, relax and have coffee to enjoy the scenic beauty of London. When all the biggies are selling coffee with expensive rates, you shall install an app called London’s Best Coffee, to know the city’s best independent coffee vendors. Every app has a highlight and this app shows the vending machine used to make your coffee. It makes you relevant and knowledgeable. Rating, taste preferences and offers are also mentioned in the app and you are going to need it for a break from your schedule. Yet, this app comes with a price at £2.29 GBP.

URL: http://londonsbestcoffee.com


Tripit is a small and sizeable pocket agent, which delivers the best travel information. Confused about drafting your plan in your notebook? Here, this is the app that you need it. This app creates a virtual itinerary, from boarding your flight, travelling to places in a cab, eating at restaurants, enjoying at a pub and finally catching your return flight. The only thing you need to do is to connect your confirmation email and messages to this app, and it takes care of you. You can also share the information on your travel to others through this app so that they could also join you.

URL: https://www.tripit.com


With the help of the GPS, this powerful app helps you to locate the nearest bank, bar, petrol station, hospital, hotel, movie theatre, restaurant, and supermarket. This list just doesn’t end here, as the overflowing list of the app, will give you wider opportunities. It will make an ease of your journey when you don’t know where you are heading. This app is compatible with the Apple Watch and a simple tap will show you the result directly on your wrist. Tada!

URL: http://www.aroundmeapp.com


It is a good method in finding an app to disclose all the secrets of discounts and offers that a premium hotel can offer. Download and register your app on your mobile and based upon the location you are put up, the offers are pretty enormous. You would be spellbound by the offers it provides with such limited information. But don’t be afraid, the app lists you the hotels which are decent. Show your offer to a staff of the hotel, pub or a bar, and then your party gets started.

URL: https://www.vouchercloud.com

London is a beautiful city to be explored with your loved ones. Vacations are a break from normal life, and we help you in each and every way you want to enjoy London.

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